Soul Exploration – The universal law of nature is born from the divinity of pure consciousness, transcending time and space. A spark of this energetic consciousness is your DNA held within your soul.

I believe the essence of your soul is eternal; discovering your soul lessons enables you to enter your higher consciousness allowing you tap into your infinite wisdom and knowledge. This is the place of divine power and healing.

The great school of learning is here on this planet; your gifts and challenges are presented by patterns of belief and actions. The importance of past lives is to understand not so much what you were, but what lessons can be learnt and to what spiritual values can be gained to improve your life today.

Thought has power and energy, be it negative or positive. Intention of thought creates emotion, emotion creates reaction, and reaction creates a reality of experience. Otherwise known as ‘Karma’.

So our karma = memories of our soul, – life lesson’ – what goes around comes around  – are our challenges that will often be repeated until we heal them, recognise and understand them.

Sometimes our soul is fragmented due to our previous lives and unconsciously those fears are brought into this life, therefore irrational phobias can occur e.g. water, fire, knives, animals, and insects.

Emotional issues of repeated patterns can be betrayal, abandonment, depression, accidents, anger, relationship problems, family rivalry, to name just a few.

By embarking on a Past Life Journey, you will be entering the gateway of your soul, the energetic spiritual world. This place of visionary timeless energy held in’ Dreamtime’ as described by the Aborigines. Also described as the ‘Akashic records’ within the Vedic’s.

By guiding you on your experiential healing journey enables you to embrace fully the unhealed part of yourself. At the end of the session, Spiritual guidance will be given for your personal growth and development. Creating balance, self-empowerment within your present life.

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