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Welcome an thank you for visiting Shamanic Astara, my website of soul exploration and wellbeing. My personal invitation is for you to explore and discover with an open heart and ask yourself if any of the following questions apply to you and what do you truly desire to change?

What do I wish to change and heal in my life?

What physical, emotional and mental issues are holding me back in life?

What is my life purpose?

What repeated patterns and fears are stopping me from going forward?

What are my past lives and what can I learn from them?

How can I learn meditation and feel the benefits?

How can I further my knowledge and develop Shamanism within my life

Self Development

Open circle of Shamanic Spiritual Learning

Would you like to become a spiritual warrior and explore your Soul path?
Do you wish to open into your spiritual authenticity?
Are you curious about how Shamanism can help you in everyday life?

As an intuitive child, I was very aware of the spiritual collective consciousness within life. My deep connection to nature enabled me to find peace and opened my heart to the beauty of mother earth. From a young age, I felt the great interconnection from spirit through the energy of the earth particularly with trees, flowers, and healing plants. At this time my lucidity of mind allowed to feel and sense the oneness. What we now call  ‘Meditation’, these energies opened my path into communication with spirit of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. Gratitude and Heart blessings to all my teachers, many suns and moons have passed since our last discussions.

I pursued my passions and professionally trained 22 years ago as a metaphysical therapist, guiding people to heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues. In doing so they were able to reclaim back their innate divine power. Better equipped to make the right decisions in life, empowered with  a new sense of purpose. Thus allowing, a self-belief with an open hearted inner peace and self-fulfilment. There has never been a greater time than now to awaken your personal power of divinity.

You will be guided to access your heart and soul and heal on Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Mental issues. Learn how to expand your consciousness by tapping into your full potential through Shamanic Healing. Listen to your instincts, your inner knowing, otherwise known as your intuition; as you browse through the pages quite often what you have been searching for, is presented before your very eyes. This is not chance, it is the Synchronicity of life; seek and you shall find for it is the laws of the universe. It is the Laws of attraction – communicating with your soul’s desire. As I have walked this path of Shamanic healing for most of my life, I feel very humbled and privileged to all the people Past, Present and Future that have had the courage to change, to heal their hearts and transform their lives into Truth, Self-Empowerment, Freedom of Heart.

My professional qualifications to date are: Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapist , Holistic and Clinical Reflexologist, Reiki Master, EFT therapist, Bowen Technique, Divine Master Key Healing, Meditation teacher, Past lives regression, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive Psychic reader, Shamanic teacher.

Peace, love and joy to you all. The divine butterfly has finally emerged from the Chrysalis.

Thank you blessings be!