Shamanic training course – This course is suitable for anyone, wishing to gain deeper experiential understanding of spiritual authenticity. Reconnect back to you! Divine power of source; your true spirit…. compassion, love, Shamanic Trainingtruth can be cultivated through courage. In healing the inner child that yearns to come out and play in freedom, connect to your divine power creating dreams in the now. Then discover the cycle of adolescent, adulthood and finally the Spiritual Warrior!

Guidance on Journeying will allow you to confront your fears, shadow self, erasing past conditioning, the parts of yourselves that have become lost, disconnected, releasing the blocked energy of emotional and physical trauma. Integrating energetic awareness allows you to discover your personal power of truth, courage to walk your talk. Gaining confidence in freedom to help and guide others through Shamanism.

Guidance is given every step of the way, as you walk the Shamanic path allowing you to explore through spiritual awareness, which is held in a sacred, confidential ceremonial space.

This course is also suitable for professional therapists whom wish to extend their skills and knowledge within their working practice.

Exploration of the Shamanic Warrior

I believe, the exploration of your shadow self, opens the gateway of your soul and whispers rainbow blessings into your heart. Because out of truth comes power.

You will learn:

How to create and hold sacred space, stepping outside of your ego. Creating heart blessings

Trusting in your divine power, understanding your interconnection with Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun, the spirit of all life. Understanding the elements of fire, air, earth and water within the ancient medicine wheel.

Learn how to Step into a non- ordinary reality, connecting into your divine source, allows infinite possibilities within the spiritual realm. The place of truth, awareness, power of change acts as the interface to bring about transformational healing.


Learn how to expand into your energetic consciousness through journeying experiencing:

  • Entering the lower and upper worlds
  • Shape- shifting with the elements
  • Body part energy retrieval journeys
  • Meditation techniques
  • Soul retrieval journeying
  • Soul release journeying
  • Ancestral journeying
  • Journeying on behalf of someone else
  • Journeying – (psychopomp ) assisting the soul to move on after death
  • Explore your shadow self – inner child healing
  • The power and usage of the drum – the shaman’s horse
  • Crafting in nature
  • Trance Dance

Dates of teaching: TBA

Registration:   details for the next training course please telephone 03333448188