Shamanic Extraction – As beings of energy, we are affected from all of life itself. This vibration of energy works on a very deep level held throughout the blue print of your unconsciousness, DNA, emotions and ultimately your spirit of who you truly are.Shamanic Extraction

The spirit of who you really are is one of Inspiration, Love, compassion, and truth, Self-Belief, Awareness. However, unresolved issues from the past can create:

  • Stuck Energy
  • Misplaced Energy
  • Walk-In Energy
  • Soul- Loss Energy

This blocked energy can be created from negative emotions, stress, childhood wounds, disconnection from oneself, addictions,  an unhealthy attachment to another person or sent by another person.

By entering an altered state of consciousness I am able to access information from your energy field by using my Clairvoyant and Clairsentient gifts.  I am able to remove the misplaced energy from the part of the body where it is held and replace with the new energy, not dissimilar from physic surgery.

After removal, the misplaced energy is placed in an ethereal golden vessel and given to the earth with the assistance of the spiritual guides.

With spiritual guidance new energetic life force is replaced and sealed into the body part, throughout this process you are in a relaxed, warm state of relaxation,

Clients have often reported seeing vivid colours of light or a sensation of lightness or a gentle removal of the old energy releasing from their body. However, each session is unique to you.

At the end of the session, sharing of the experience will be discussed revealing any spiritual messages and guidance for your recovery.

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