As a divine energetic being you have unique power to tap into your soul within your dna and experience a soul retrieval journey, which holds the power of light, frequency and coherent information. This is your true essence enabling you to heal and feel inspired into love with an open heart, forgiveness, self empowerment, gratitude, trust, compassion, confidence to speak your truth. self-belief in creating and attracting what ever you want in your life.

Understanding that you are interconnected to this infinite ocean of consciousness, it is your divine right and power!

Just Some of the Benefits of Soul Retrieval Journey:

  • Spiritual self-growth
  • Positive Outlook
  • Making the right Decisions in life
  • Self-Confidence
  • Peace within
  • Letting go fully of the Past
  • Opening Heart to Love
  • Fulfilling you Divine Life Purpose
  • Feeling Self-Empowered


Do I need A Soul Retrieval?

You may be experiencing soul loss, separation from oneself due to emotional, Physical, spiritual issues and psychological issues:

  • Lost direction in life purpose
  • Emptiness – filled by addictions
  • Feel disconnected from yourself and others
  • Feel incomplete due to childhood wounds,
  • Lack of love,
  • Lack of self-esteem,
  • Abusive relationships,
  • Stuck inability to go forward in life
  • Loss of a loved one unable to cope with the grief,
  • A part of you is missing, lost in time
  • Given a part of your soul and heart to some else.
  • Depression.
  • Mother/Father issues

Your soul retrieval journey is unique to you, each journey is tailor made according to your needs. Before we proceed with the Journey I might need to remove any stuck, stagnant energy that is disconnecting you from your true soul essence. Please see (Shamanic Extraction).

This blocked energy can be from your present issues, karmic, genetic or some one has taken your energy.

As a vehicle of spirit I am able to increase my awareness into altered state of consciousness guiding you into a relaxed state of being.

After a brief discussion Intention is placed on what you need to explore, understand and heal.

In the sacred space of compassion I offer, the gifts of ancient wisdom like the shamanic drum, rattle, chants, crystals or stones to assist your healing according to what is appropriate for your journey.

As you lay in a relaxed comfortable position with heart open, ready for great change, eyes closed. Sensations often reported are: warm, tingling, bliss, melting, 3rd eye opened into clear crystal vision, letting go, timeless, sleepy, peace. However, each experience will be unique to you.

Guided by my guardian spirits, I travel through space and time into the vast expansive energy that holds the power of divine love and wisdom of unlimited possibilities to assist your healing. The gateway of your soul enters into the all-knowing collective consciousness contained within this universe.

As you journey, you retrieve the missing part of your soul. On retrieval of this energy, I reintegrate by blowing into your heart, abdomen and crown of your head.

Your journey may last up to 2 hours. Afterwards you may share your experience.

Guidance and support is given after your journey as you start to return to wholeness reintegrating the new energies. The healing will continue to expand into your new awareness of self. Reconnecting back to your true source, of pure consciousness, for this is, YOU!

Blessings Be! To all those that have walked this path and continue to grow and sparkle like the most beautiful rare gemstones.

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