After years of repetitive strain in my wrist and fingers,  due to typing at work. I am happy to report I am completely pain-free after receiving the BOWEN TECHNIQUE

Miss M. Boylen Essex

After undergoing major heart surgery from a serious bacteria infection, I experienced incredible dizziness, nausea,neck pain, depression, lack of focus and concentration in standing and walking as well as speaking to people. Then I discovered THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE, it has transformed my life and I am symptom free. I can never thank you enough Astara.

Mr.C.Price Surrey

Thank you! I can finally walk without looking like an old lady. I am at long last pain free after  all these years. I have more energy, I can do so much more than I was able to before the BOWEN TECHNIQUE. Thank you Astara and thank you for the BOWEN TECHNIQUE.

Mrs C. Nicholls

I have inherited Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease CMT. It has created great pain all my life, I am now 54 years old and just to walk, stand or even to hold a cup of tea was very painful. I couldn’t move my arms and fingers properly or sleep due to the intensity of the pain. I couldn’t even wash up the dishes because of dizziness, and imbalance. The intense pain in my legs and feet was unbearable. Astara a huge thank you and the BOWEN TECHNIQUE is amazing! I can now walk pain free, no dizziness, my balance 100%  can now sleep better. I can now wash up, make a cup of tea and do a lot more than I could have ever imagined.

Mrs K. Kelly South London

I came to Astara in acute and chronic emotional and physical fatigue, pain and discomfort. An amazing SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER and woman with profound empathy and understanding of the human condition, she has been a true and very practical lifeline through my lengthy battle to cope with the onslaught of physiological and neurological depletions. Namely M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

Using her mastery of the BOWEN TECHNIQUE, Astara is able a to release accumulated toxic blockages in my muscles, skeleton, joints, organs and lymphatic gland system. With  gentle and non-invasive manipulation of key points and areas on my body, she provides me with immediate and ongoing relief and comfort.

When I receive the Bowen Technique I feel completely relaxed as the flow of healing energy gently cleanses and soothes as it flows.

This has enabled me to regain and maintain a sense of dignity and balance in order to help me live with a currently debilitating condition. The lack of knowledge, awareness and real understanding in the NHS labyrinth serves to impact on my well-being. With Astara’s compassionate experience and practical expertise guiding me, I am given constant hope and encouragement.

I am truly thankful to be in the healing hands and extraordinary care of Astara.

Miss J. Perkins Surrey

I had a chronic shoulder problem, whilst I was recovering from breast cancer. I  also had breast reconstruction through receiving the BOWEN TECHNIQUE, it helped me enormously with recovery after the operation, more energy, eased all discomfort. My shoulder problem is now pain free. Thank you Astara and thank you BOWEN.

Mrs. L. Price

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough. You are a very special lady, I feel much stronger, and I have my life back on track. I do not get IBS anymore; I have no aches and pains in my body, which I used to get all the time. – Mr. L. Moore.

I can never thank you enough; I am so amazed how my life has changed since I have received the SHAMANIC HEALING. I am so glad I met you. Mrs. J. Fudge

Thank you for being there,
Through every laugh, through every tear.
You helped me not to be scared,
About the things that I feared.
Thank you for the love that you have shown,
When you knew I would have blown.
You are an important person in my life,
You’ve helped me deal with my strife.
From time to time you always listened,
And when you did so your eyes always glistened.
You never put me down,
And you always knew how to turn my frown upside down.
Thank you for being there for me,
And letting me be who I want to be.

Mr. J. Manning Surrey England

Thank you for the SHAMANIC sessions, I feel it heals my body and mind, as I feel calmer and less anxious. You have amazing CLAIRVOYANT abilities and are a very caring therapist who I have known for many years. I would not go to anyone else for treatments.

Mrs. J. Lovatt, Surrey

I started receiving BOWEN treatments after my husband had some BOWEN treatment from Astara for Sciatica that cleared up straight away. So I went for BOWEN to help not just with ear and neck problems but because I’d lost enthusiasm for life- life was a struggle. Since receiving BOWEN treatments and SHAMANIC sessions things have changed and now not only is my health better. , but I feel as though I’ve been given a  whole new lease of life.

Astara is an excellent therapist and I just handed over my problems and trusted her to give me the treatments necessary for their solution. This she did and I can’t thank her enough.

Mrs. H. Kay Surrey

Astara is an excellent professional. She has really helped me discover myself through her CLAIRVOYANT readings and guided MEDITATION. Her expertise

In the art of SHAMANIC healing is second to none. Since meeting Astara I have been able to connect fully to my source of truth, wisdom and self awareness. I am very grateful for her guidance and can highly recommend Astara.

Mr. P Grout London

Having had a bad back and various other health problems for the last 30 years, I tried the BOWEN treatment whilst on holiday. On returning home to Surrey I found this amazing lady called ‘Astara’, whereupon after a few BOWEN treatments had my body very strong and up right, my posture was the best it had been for many years. Having spent much time and money on various treatments, the BOWEN proved the only one to have any lasting benefits. Thank you Astara.

Mr. R. Bourne Surrey